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Incomplete Latinx Stories of Diseño Gráfico/ Borderlands/ La Frontera

Specific contributors are listed below the title of the class they lead.  In order to foster connection, we encourage you to follow our contributors on the web, and social media and check out their design scholarship, and other projects.

Arte y Diseño Latinx: Comunicación Cotidiana 

Ramon Tejada, Carlos Avila
KEY WORDS:  Deseño Latinx, Comunication Cotidiana, Charla, Mexico, Dominican Republic, location,  language

Some Theoretical Considerations in Reading Latin American Design History

Ahmed Ansari
KEY WORDS:  Design History,  philosophers, critical theorists, writers, visual cultures, Latin America

Pecha Kucha: Latinx Diaspora in America

Pilar Castillo, Shannon Doronio (Chavez), Roberto Rodriguez, MJ Balvanera
KEY WORDS:  Latinx designers,  Plantation to Paradise, Caribbean Identity, Colonization, Maria de Los Angeles, Mexican Design History

Diseñando Identidad: Community Education, Design, and Politics in Puerto Rico

Laura Rossi García, Jason Alejandro
KEY WORDS:  Latinx designers,  Puerto Rico, DIVEDCO, Americanization, Puerto Rican 20th century (typo)graphic design history

On Queerness & Race in Brazilian Art & Design

Anna Parisi, Juan Pablo Rahal, Silas Munro
KEY WORDS:  Clash and Coalesce, queerness, racial democracy, Manifesto Antropófago, O Lampião da Esquina

In/dependence: An Incomplete Survey of Cuban Design

Ana Llorente, Elaine Lopez
KEY WORDS:  Cuban Graphic Design, Politics, Geography, Nationalism, Inventiveness, Economics, Oppression, Resistance, Liberation

Latinx Auto-Ethnography in educational spaces

Gaby Hernandez
KEY WORDS:  Otherness, Latin American/Latinx Identities, Pluriversal, Decolonial Economics, Design Canons

Caribbean Contrast: Puerto Rican and Cuban carteles and their representation of distinct political relationships with the United States

José R. Mendéndez
KEY WORDS:  Social, Political, Cultural, Economic Communication, Carteles, Sister Islands, Embargo against Cuba

On Typography and Language in Peru

Juan Villanueva
KEY WORDS:  Visual Culture of Peru, Pre-Columbian, Resistance, Revolution, Quest for Liberation

Otros Susurros Desde los Andes

Vanessa Zúñiga Tinizary
KEY WORDS:  Dingbat, Journey, Abya Yala, Visual Chronicles, Semiotic, Morphologica, Español

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